Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Jacob Stiefel With an old soul, original sound, astonishing energy, and the drive to SELL BEER from whatever stage he is playing, a young, vibrant newcomer Jacob Stiefel takes today’s country music and gives it an overhaul that can only be understood when witnessed firsthand.

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Jarod Foster Seeing as to how I was born on St. Patrick’s day, I have always felt as though drinking and raising hell were my birth right. As a child I watched my mother and stepfather Lisa and Bill Tallant cutting loose with their friends while living in Wurzburg Germany in the late ‘80’s and early ’90’s.

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The Strangers Jonathan Sachar and Preston Grammer are the duo from Nashville, Tennessee known as The Strangers. Their high octane show never fails to impress crowds nightly. They perform new and classic hits combined with their unique style that draws crowds in the famous honky tonks of downtown Nashville as well as on the road touring.

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Megan Ellis Megan comes to us from the small town of Zanesville, Ohio to showcase her new rockin' country style. Megan grew up entertaining at the local talent shows and county fairs singing the songs of her greatest influences: Patsy Cline, Reba McIntire, and The Judd’s.

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Chad Ray Crochet When Chad Ray Crochet takes the stage, his performance is nothing like you’ve ever seen, literally. Crochet separates himself from the rest of the country music industry by being the only singing drummer to ever take lead vocals in Nashville. His sound, along with his straightforward attitude and modern-country style make him unforgettable.
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• Selling Booze
• A Damn Good Show
• Selling Booze

Most booking agencies are going to waste your time trying to upsell you, nickel & dime you on travel details, and complicate things at much as possible... End game, all this is about is putting somebody on stage to play some music and make some money. Right?

So Here's the Deal

We're club owners in downtown Nashville... We owned our bar before we started Cornfed and we still own it today. We know where you're coming from and we know what matters to you. What we offer is simple. We bring the party to you club.

Here's How

  • We comb the honky tonks & bars of Nashville for the best "crowd-pumping" artists in town
  • Our artists are limber, these folks can play anything from a 2 hour to 6 hour set, full band or stand alone.
  • Cornfed understands the key to getting a crowd excited is primarily playing music they know... In other words, our artists keep their original material to a minimum and play the stuff that keep the crowd partying.

Book A Show

It's Simple, Let's Do It!

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Variety Show

We've compiled the best of Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Crowd-Pleasers to create a 6-hour variety show that keeps folks having a great time!

• 3 Artists, 2 hour sets each
• Artists do not take breaks during sets
• Bands push alcohol sales throughout the show

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