Sunday, June 16, 2019

How Does Cornfed Roll?

We make you money.

Our musicians understand their job is to sell booze

  • Our bands play about Cover Top 40 Hits - there’s a time and place for original material... when tonight’s goal is selling alcohol and keeping your patrons happy, now is not that time.
  • Every artist we employ is able to cover a 40-60 year span of top 40 Country, Southern Rock, and Rock & Roll - so you can get anything from Hank Jr. to AC/DC, Joan Jett to Patsy Cline, and anything else your crowd can request!
  • Cornfed Bands watch the crowd, change set lists on the fly, and keep beer flowing like wine (is that right?).

Our bands do not take breaks

  • Our number one pet peeve is this 30 minutes on 15 minutes off junk that many bands try to pull.
  • When you book a show, you get a NON-STOP music and action.

Cornfed bands are tested and proven

  • Every Cornfed Band has played at our bar for at least one year
  • Liquor sales are carefully monitored during sets and bands focus efforts on constant improvement.

Unlike most booking agencies, who are just looking throw someone on your stage and quickly cash a check... Cornfed truely cares about your business. We want to give you, our customer, a band that suites your environment and your clientele.

My wife & I own and operate our own bar/venue in here in Nashville. Through trial and error we’ve nailed down what what works and how to get the most out of your entertainment. We’ve found that it doesn’t always matter how “good” the band is. If it’s not the right fit, if the energy level isn’t right, a band can run your crowd off.

As fellow club owners, we completely understand your end game... selling booze. Our bands are groomed in our club. Beyond their incredible talent to play a solid show, they know how to read the crowd. Cornfed bands get folks moving... they create a snowball effect for our club every night of the week. We’ve tuned our shows to get folks who are walking down the street into our club. Partly because they here the great music, and partly because they see the energy in the crowd! They want to know what the hell is so great in there and they bring their wallets with them.


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Variety Show

We've compiled the best of Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Crowd-Pleasers to create a 6-hour variety show that keeps folks having a great time!

• 3 Artists, 2 hour sets each
• Artists do not take breaks during sets
• Bands push alcohol sales throughout the show

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