Sunday, June 16, 2019

How flexible is our show?

100% Custom

The full-blown 6 hour variety show

  • Your wheels are turning... how do you pull off a 6 hour variety show without taking breaks? Isn’t it going to take forever to swap out bands? Sound checks? Nope.
    1 band, 3 frontmen, 6 hours of solid music, action, and alcohol sales.
  • Our bands are trained to watch the crowd and change set lists on the fly to ensure your patrons keep singing along, keep dancing, and keep drinking.

Is the variety show not what you had in mind? That’s cool...

  • We package it that way to keep things simple and get as much information to you as fast as possible.
  • Each of our artists can deliver the same revved-up show on their own for up to 4 hours, they do it every week in our club.

Give us a call or shoot us an email, let’s talk about what you want to accomplish and how we can get you some solid results!


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Variety Show

We've compiled the best of Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Crowd-Pleasers to create a 6-hour variety show that keeps folks having a great time!

• 3 Artists, 2 hour sets each
• Artists do not take breaks during sets
• Bands push alcohol sales throughout the show

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Only 9 minutes in length, this DVD gives you all the information you need to find the right band for your event.

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