Sunday, June 16, 2019

An Interview With Megan Ellis

frontpageQ: If someone made a statue of you, what position would you choose?

A: Both arms stretched high in the air, with a big smile! “Ta-Da! Here I am!”

Q: When you pick your nose where do you put your booger?

A: I don’t have to pick my nose, my Chihuahua licks em’ out for me.

Q: Comfort. Risk. - One we strive to create. One we try to minimize. One can make us lazy. One can make us stronger. When did you last risk failure? When did you last leave your comfort zone to achieve something greater?

A: Leaving home to move to both New York City and Nashville was a big risk for me at a young age. As far as my “comfort zone” I try to leave it every day. I feel it is so important to always think outside the box to test yourself, especially in performance. So I have a HUGE comfort zone.

Q: Can you read a topographical map?

A: Yes! Though who needs to anymore with Mapquest and all that fun stuff? My father made sure I knew how to read one when I was young to be sure I never got lost on my way to chase my dreams.

Q: Take us back to when you were a kid growing up. Describe a typical summer day from the time you woke up to the time your parents made you come in.

A: Well, I showed hogs in 4-H so in the morning I’d feed the pigs and take them for a walk. I was also a huge athlete growing up, so playing pass with my step-father was definitely an everyday thing in the summer. Then, of course, I’d finish the day blowing the rooftop off our house with my booming microphone and speakers practicing singing, disrupting not only my little brothers but the entire neighborhood. It was fun for me!

Q: Do you know all the words to the song “We Didn’t Start The Fire”?

A: Hmm… “Da da da da da da da da… Joe Dimaggio…” Billy Joel. Nice.

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish you could pass along to everyone else?

A: Kindness, forgiveness, and positive thinking will get you everywhere in this life. That comes from my family. I have an amazing family.

Q: Thinking back to all the great TV series finales that you have seen over the years, which show do you believe had the best final episode?

A: Reba! I’m slightly obsessed.

Q: Suppose that instead of having a name, you had a letter, and people would always refer to you as that letter. Which letter of the alphabet would you want to take the place of you name?

A: What up “Z”! That just sounds cool. Maybe too cool. I’m not sure I could even pull that off.

Q: Some are high, some are low; some are long , some are short; some are old, some are new. In all your travels, what is the most awe-inspiring bridge you have ever crossed?

A: In my hometown we are famous for the “Y” Bridge. I’ve crossed it a hundred times growing up. That bridge and I have known each other all my life. So I have to choose the “Y” Bridge. Awww, I miss home.

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