Sunday, June 16, 2019

An Interview With Jarod Foster

frontpageQ: What was the last unusual, exciting or spontaneous outing YOU instigated?

A: Wondering into a Mexican Whorehouse in Jackson, Mississippi.

Q: What three things do you think everyone should own?

A: A saddle so you can be reminded on what helped build this country and is seemingly forgotten by most. A gun, so you can shoot shit. A Bible so you know why we are here.

Q: What personality trait in others most annoys you?

A: In-Decisiveness.

Q: What is your disposal method for gum?

A: Trash can, or out the window when traveling down the interstate.

Q: Almost everyone can recall a missed photo opportunity because he/she didn’t have a camera. What moment above all others do you wish you could have caught on film?

A: When I was living as a child in Germany, I wish I had taken a picture when the Berlin Wall fell.

Q: If you lived on a farm what chore above all others would you definitely not want to do?

A: I do live on a farm and I hate cleaning horse manure, so my livestock get to free graze.

Q: If you could be one of America’s “most wanted,” but wanted because of some great skill you possess, what skill would you want to have?

A: The ability to instantly cure cancer.

Q: Aside from any family, friends, or pets, what would be the most difficult thing for you to give up in your life?

A: Artistic freedom.

Q: If you were asked to make a “Top Ten” list of the people you regard as the all-time greatest Americans, whom would you rank in the third, second and first spot?

A: Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, and my Father.

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