Sunday, June 16, 2019

Jacob Stiefel

frontpageTalk about a melting pot of talent. Among the four musicians, Jacob Stiefel and Company have what it takes. Southern music, country, rock & roll, and even some reggae and blues influences make for a good time any chance this band gets to adorn their respective instruments. The only advice to give is for you to check them out, as soon as you can...

Jacob Stiefel, born and raised in Fort Payne, Alabama, takes center stage. And that's where it starts. The energy and shear passion the pours from Stiefel during a performance is evident to even the most non-musical person. Growing up playing in a gospel band, Stiefel claims a number of different roots construct his Sequoia-sized musical identity. And he uses every one of them.

frontpageGrowing up in Alabama, less than an hour from the Tennessee line, he picked up his mother’s old guitar before he was even ten years old and was singing long before that, for anyone who would listen. “I believe I was born the perfect mix, half Alabamian and half Texan,” says Stiefel, who is blatantly proud of his Southern roots.

"I love playing music, and I love the fact that people enjoy listening and watching me do it..." And that they definitely do. Jacob and his band have developed a growing following in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. And he's looking forward to spreading that feeling to as many people as possible


Variety Show

We've compiled the best of Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Crowd-Pleasers to create a 6-hour variety show that keeps folks having a great time!

• 3 Artists, 2 hour sets each
• Artists do not take breaks during sets
• Bands push alcohol sales throughout the show

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